Raising Voices: Greenpeace to Launch Recording Studio at Glastonbury 2011

Greenpeace is teaming up with music producer Joe Leach of Cowshed Studio London to install a fully specified, soundproof recording studio on the Greenpeace field at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

The Cowshed will provide practical insight into all aspects of the recording process, from song writing and arrangement through to final production, allowing aspiring performers and up-and-coming producers to hone their skills.

“Greenpeace was launched with a benefit gig by Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and the late Phil Ochs,” says Bob Wilson, of Greenpeace UK, “so it makes sense on our 40th anniversary to build on that connection.”

In what is believed to be a first for Glastonbury, the London-based recording studio will be recreated on the Greenpeace field in a custom built low-impact straw bale building. The Cowshed will offer attending musicians the opportunity to record using the studio’s word-class classic keyboard collection, grand piano, vintage mics and pre-amps, with a state of the art 8024 mixing desk provided by Audient. The complex will include a green room and two live stage areas exploring the theme Raising Voices.

“Just about all of us, one way or another, are fed up with the status quo,” says Joe Leach, “and one of our most effective communication tools – music – has been failing to reflect this adequately. We’re calling on all left-field artists, musicians, writers; everyone who opposes exploitation, destruction, corruption, manipulation and fraud - stuff that has become staple fodder of the increasingly half-baked media reporting we routinely ignore. Raising Voices aims to use the uniquely positive environment that is Glastonbury to build momentum around the protest song.”

The stages will be available to performers visiting the festival, both to play and to participate in song-writing workshops. Musicians will be invited to use the facility as a networking space to gather line-ups to audition under the Raising Voices theme.

From these auditions and performances, eight acts a day will be chosen by public vote to record in the studio with a professional producer, world-class vintage instruments and state-of-the-art equipment.

Sessions will be video streamed live to a large projection screen, providing a rare insight into the recording process. Artists who record in the studio will receive a free SoundCloud Lite account, which they may upload their material to for immediate distribution. They will also receive a data disk of “stems” of their recordings which they can take away to mix, remix, release and distribute. 

In addition a program of late night entertainment will be curated by Mi7 Records, who, in the last four years, have built a reputation for hosting acts at the tipping point in their careers. Past headline acts have included Mumford and Sons, Laura Marling, Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine) and Rumer.

“We’re hoping for some exciting collaborations this year, between performers on the stage and the studio project, as well as the chance to catch great new music on this field”, say Mi7.

After five days of making music Greenpeace are also hoping that a new song can be composed and performed which can then be used around the world to celebrate the launch of a new Rainbow Warrior when she joins the Greenpeace fleet later this year.

Aspiring performers attending Glastonbury are encouraged to register their interest at glasto@cowshedstudio.com. Further information can be obtained from:

Joe Leach
Cowshed Studio London

Mi7 Music Ltd
James Barnett
Director:  james@mi7records.com

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